About BAOA Safety Program

BAOA Safety Program is a special initiative towards spreading safety awareness amongst NSOP and Private Operators in India. As part of the program, this website would collate and bring together all ‘MUST HAVE’ information on Rules and Regulations and ‘SHOULD HAVE’ information like interesting case studies, articles, presentations, modern safety trends, tools etc.


Apron Safety Rules

Airport Ramp Safety has been given much attention recently in reports and papers by...

How stressed do you think you are! Take a Quiz..

Studies revealed that people who had become ill had accumulated a total of 300 stress points or more in a single year...

Navigating the Minefield of Acquiring a Bizjet

“This is one of the most traumatic experiences that I have undergone, and I have sworn that I will never make this mistake again.”

Regulatory and Tax Regime is Denying 'Achhe Din'

By following a difficult, stern and archaic regulatory and tax regime, the government is only discouraging industrialists from owning these resources by laying out a series of hurdles for their operation